Your Financial Security – Issue 2, 2013

Staying on track to achieving your investment goals


The volatile ride in equity markets and the uncertainty of the global economy may have you feeling weary and questioning your investment decisions and your portfolio. Here’s some insight into today’s equity market conditions, what’s happening with them, and how to confidently reach your investment goals by sticking with them over the long term. Read More


Your Financial Security – Issue 1, 2013

Who says investments don’t come with guarantees?

Segregated fund policies: the solution that can help protect your capital

The last few years have been challenging for investors. Market turbulence has caused many to avoid equity investing because they fear market declines. While they desire portfolio growth, they remain nervous about market performance. The return of their initial investment capital is just as important to them as return on their money.

If this describes you, segregated fund policies may be the investment solution you’ve been looking for.

Like a mutual fund, a segregated fund is a pool of money invested in a variety of securities through professional fund managers. However, unlike mutual funds, segregated funds are only available through an insurance company. Because segregated fund policies are life insurance contracts, they have special protection features. Read More